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Online Shopping: a nonstop growth

After reading the feedback of my followers and readers on the last post, which provided me with many others online stores with good prices, I have decided to show you how the ecommerce industry has grown and will keep growing in the following years.

This article by Mashable gives us some statistics about the industry and shows us that “U.S online retail sales are expected to reach $278.9 billion in 2015” and “the number of online buyers in Europe is expected to grow from 157 million to 205 million by 2015”! Isn’t that crazy? Many people have changed their habits by staying home and shopping online instead of going out to shop, and having to check out every store for its sales and promotions! Now it’s over! How easy is it to find the perfect dress online? Ok readers, I know what some of you might be thinking… choosing the right size is not easy and doesn’t always fit once you receive your awaited package! But it’s fine; normally most of the ecommerce stores have free shipping if you want to return an item.  But isn’t it much more convenient to shop from home? At least, that’s my point of view!


Of course, from time to time I love going out shopping with my friends, with my mother, sister or even by myself! However, most of the time when I’ve gone into a store and they did’t have my size, I’ve been told to order it online and receive it within a week… I DON’T LIKE THAT!! If I go to the store I want to get out from there with my purchase! If not, I’d rather stay home and shop that item myself and maybe do some research and find that same item for a cheaper price.


Besides, what about all the different devices we have to shop online!? We don’t even need to stay home! We can be everywhere! Here is a snapshot of my iPhone, where I have all the ecommerce apps that I use daily.

As I said in the previous post, I check those top websites almost daily, but these websites have the best apps to shop on your device. They make it easy and simple! Just click twice…and….BOUGHT!!! Yesssss, you have to be careful and control yourself if you don’t want to end in bankruptcy! Hahahaha..

This table below represents the US online retail forecast from 2010 to 2015 (I know it’s a little bit old, but I couldn’t find a recent table).


Staying with the objective of this blog, I am providing you with the best deals of this week:

  • Monday 5: Gilt: This Monday what they offer is all about Spring! Amazing colorful dresses!
    MyHabit: MCQ by Alexander McQueen
  • Tuesday 6: Git: -Red Valentino
  • Wednesday 7: Gilt: Matthew Williamson
    RueLaLa: -Calvin Klein
    MyHabit: -D&G by Dolce & Gabbana
    -See by Chloé
  • Thursday 8: Gilt: -Free People
    RueLaLa: -Diane Von Furstenberg
    MyHabit: -Intermix

Don’t forget to login on time if you don’t want to get there once everything is SOLD OUT! 😦

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend!! Let us know what did you buy this weekend online!! Any new online store? Make our lifes easier!!

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